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Amy Pearl Lang was born in Fairview, TN and currently
 lives and works in Chicago, IL.


Life is so tender I can hardly stand it, so right now I'm leaning into what made me want to be an artist in the first place, following the fantasy of concentrating the nature of life into magic paintings. Truisms are expressed so much truer when they aren’t in words, i want to paint them, to pare down meaning into marks that make sense. Things concealing other things, two things that want to meet but don’t, warm colors pressed up against cool, parallel lines, perpendicular lines, things that might fit together, near misses and great divides; everything is really something much bigger. You could paint forever and not even begin to get it all out. I believe the ability to channel belongs to everyone who creates art. I just try to stay out of the way. 


2018 - Present, School of the Art Institute of Chicago BFA


2019 - Stanford University Compassion Cultivation Training




2014 - Williamson County Frist Center Exhibition


​2017 - Congressional Art Exhibition, Colombia State University


2018 - Siragusa Gallery


2019 - Artbash at SAIC, Faculty Select


2019 - Twenty Under Twenty Exhibition, Hairpin Arts Center


​2020 - Incubator, SAIC 280 Columbus Drive


2020 - It’s Not Gallery, online exhibition


2020 - Milton Gallery, online exhibition




2018 - SAIC First catalogue


2020 - This Wonderful World - Issue 24


2020 - Curious Publishing - Womxn’s Edition




2018 - SAIC Merit Scholarship


2019 - OxBow Scholarship


2019 - Odyssey Travel Grant


2020 - Dark Yellow Dot Artist of the Month

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